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DFL srl

The company DFL Ltd., today represents one of the most commercial evolving reality of our territory. Born in Sala Consilina as point of sale to the detail of articles for the hardware, construction and related materials, over the years it has grown in many respects, becoming a wholesaler of hardware as well as a reference point for all local retailers and dell.intera region Campania . Thanks to a viable organization has been able, rapidly, to expand its sales outside the region, achieving important goals and satisfaction in many areas of southern Italy. Making use of a general paper catalog includes articles relating to various sectors such as: hardware, construction, safety and signage, steel, plumbing and pipe fittings, fasteners, hand tools, power tools, farming, gardening, heating, stoves, flue, electrical material, colors and adhesives. As an additional service for its reseller customers, it is also present on the web, to meet the needs and remain in step with the times. The company has chosen to focus on business to business in a simple, intuitive and simple, offering near real-time updates in the sections devoted to new arrivals and offers, with a newsletter service very pleasing to customers.

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DFL srl
Via Santa Maria degli Ulivi 1, Sala Consilina (SA)

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