Diagnostics plant in October a conference


The tree is good? Is growing? And what is its history? These are some of the questions that arises and to which it responds the method Arches", which analyzed the architecture of plants provides diagnostic indications, also in view of possible interventions.To talk about it, for the first time in Italy, a student of the School of Montpellier and professor Francis Hallé, Christophe Drénou, which will lead the conference scheduled for October 21 in Bergamo, Italcementi all'i.lab in the Technology Park scientific Red Kilometre."The tree - the organizers explain - is seen as a modular organism that develops according to their genes, depending on its complexity and structural environment in which he lives. This method teaches us to train the eye to recognize the constant structures in the different tree species, reconstructing their development through the analysis of different processes like photosynthesis, hydraulic conductivity, biomechanics. The originality of this method lies in creating models of growth and form architectural elements that provide intuitive and simple to arrive at a correct diagnosis of the state of greeting and for the design of future interventions of care and management. ""

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