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Dimensione Verde

We born in Messina in 1970 and grow in light of a professional who has achieved results and more and more efficient solutions. We have developed our expertise in retail, where today we boast a large client portfolio. Always turn special attention to the foreign market and to its producers, from which we import the latest articles for a catalog unless these products. We range the activity of wholesale to the realities of small shops; we are present in the area through well-established partnerships with whom we share the same focus on efficiency, interest in the quality of products and the realization of the targeted end-user satisfaction. We supply small and big shops, ranging from boutiques to shopping centers. We take care of the organization of events such as supporting partners and as consultants. Our uniqueness allows us to offer a consulting service focused on the needs of understanding the speed and flexibility of response. The choice of reliable partners and a mode of delivery through your carrier, ensure a quality service in a short time.
Since 1970

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Dimensione Verde
Via Antonello da Messina, Villafranca Tirrena (ME)

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