Respect the right distance between plants


It is the theme of the moment and we are all learning the value of taking a step back or reorganizing our spaces for the sake of our health. But plants also need the right distance to grow healthier and more luxuriant. But how to calculate it? We find out in these new gardening tips.
When designing a new green space, a designer knows that he must not look only in the present, but also in the future and imagine in addition to the seasonal changes of plants, also their development and growth, the space they will require, in short.
Also in preparing a vegetable garden, in planting flowers or aromatic herbs and in choosing the pots it is necessary to take into account the space that the plants will need to grow healthy and to give a lot of fruit, or flowers. Roses or hydrangeas, for example, must be at least one meter apart, while bulbous plants can share a smaller space with their neighbors. Geraniums have a luxuriant development: better to plant them about fifty centimeters from each other.
When choosing a plant for the garden or terrace, it is essential to take into account how much space it will need. If we decide to plant a tree, a good rule is to remember that as an adult its roots will occupy, under the ground, a space equal to that of the size of its crown.
A correct distance between the plants allows the air to circulate better, makes the stagnation of humidity less frequent and prevents diseases. Vegetable plants also need it to give a richer and more quality harvest.
With little space available therefore better to choose vegetables such as lettuce, onions, carrots, celery, fennel, which need a few tens of cm away. Aromatic herbs have a very important, even radical, development: it is best to avoid placing them too close.
Meter in hand even if we have to make a hedge; in this case, in addition to the distance between the plants, it is also necessary to remember the provisions of the Civil Code in respect of neighbors and public spaces, to avoid having to continuously intervene with pruning if the branches invade the property of others.

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