Flowers and plants for one of the municipalities affected by the earthquake


The town of Cossignano, in the province of Ascoli Piceno, is one of those marked by the August earthquake and yet by the exceptional snowfall in January. Despite this, it is also one of the Italian "flower towns" and Asproflor has decided to award it, contributing, for its part, to the reconstruction of a beautiful and serene setting through the supply of flowers and plants.
On Wednesday, May 3, the association of florivivist producers delivered the prize for solidarity: 6500 euros of flowers and plants to be planted, partly due to the renunciation of the prize of the Municipality of Varallo (VC), partly to the premiums not delivered to Bologna last November according to the competition rules and partly to the generosity of Asproflor members.
President Renzo Marconi and Vice President Sergio Ferraro of Asproflor and "Fiori Communes" have led a delegation of members who will give the Mayor Roberto De Angelis new plants to beautify the reused areas and spaces after the well-known seismic sequence and the exceptional Snowy events of January.
Among the plants that will be inhabited by the heads of the green and the volunteer citizens there will be lantans camara, grevilee juniperina, linda gaura, lavender angustifolia, dipladenie sanderi, rosemary prostrato, loropetalum chinensis, dwarf photinie, landscape roses etc.
The visit of expert delegations and Asproflor professionals will also be an opportunity to advise administrators on the best arrangements and choices of flowering. "We would like to thank the citizens and the administrators that despite the damage and the problems caused by the earthquake, however, they wanted to join the national competition - says Renzo Marconi - we hope that the flowers that will be inhabited will be a small contribution to the beauty of the country and Serenity of its inhabitants ".


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