The drones in the country for precision farming


Drones, sensors, weather stations, to monitor and improve crop yields, reduce costs, avoid unnecessary treatment, and harmful pollutants. All this is Precision Agriculture: July 22 at the Theatre of the Earth-Biodiversity park of Expo Milano is planning a workshop conducted by Alessandro Matese, of the Institute of Biometeorology of the National Research Council.It will talk about a Precision agriculture and sustainable use of resources", with the aim of improving the cooperation between research and companies."Our area is a very application - explains Alexander Matese - If it is true that it is the task of research to invent, only entrepreneurs know what it can actually serve and what not."The precision agriculture includes a number of methodologies, analysis and processes for the management of specific cropping systems. "In practice this means - continues Matese - consider cropping systems not as great together, but as small entities with different behaviors. A vineyard or a field of corn, especially if they are very large, they are not a single entity, but the sum of many small plots cultivated with the same crop. In the same field we can find soil conditions, weather, sun exposure, topography also very different between them. In Italy this is indeed very common. ""

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