The first fair dynamics of the northwest


Agricultural School Salesian Lombriasco host on 11 November the first edition of the fair in the field of machinery and equipment for the care and management of ornamental plants, during which you can see the equipment in operation and work.The school is located on the border between the provinces of Turin and Cuneo and offers pdrciò the appointment for the whole basin of the northwest.The date was not chosen at random: falls - say the organizers - the so-called 'Indian Summer', namely a group of days in which you usually have a rise in temperatures and is pleasant to be outdoors. The leaves have fallen and you can prune a tree. We are then at the beginning of the season for pruning, so customers can plan any new purchases, with the ability to see the stains running. In case of rain it is possible to fit the stands, in the arcades of the school. "Each company will have a space of about one hour to present its new features, starting from 8.30, up to about 17. Agricultural Technical Institute in the green there will be Honda / Kubota, Rain Bird - Del Taglia Italy, Viltom Group, Grillo, Tempoverde, Pellenc and Stihl."

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