A garden for Dynamo Camp


Myplant & Garden, the international event of the nursery, the garden and landscape, and Minoprio Foundation are organizing a creative competition in order to promote the works of designers and professionals working in the design, development and conservation of the gardens and landscape. 
The competition site is located within the Dynamo Camp Association properties. The intervention area is about sqm. 5,000. 
The Dynamo Camp Onlus Association offers Therapeutic Recreation programs for children and young people, aged 6 to 17 years, suffering from serious or chronic illnesses, mainly haematological cancers, neurological and diabetes, in therapy or in post hospitalization. 
The project also requires special attention to matters such as the fences for the animals, the vegetable garden, the snack area / rest / hobbies and access to the pool. 
All in the sign of accessibility for people with mobility difficulties. 
The competition is open to the green designers (architects, agronomists, landscapers, garden designers, nurserymen, artists), in individual or group. 
The best project considered by the commission - composed of professors of the Master in Planning and Preservation of Garden and Landscape (PoliMi and Minoprio Foundation), representatives of AIAPP (Italian Association of Landscape Architecture), the Order of Architects of the Province of Milan, the Myplant & Garden event and experts of Minoprio Foundation - will be made by the winner. 
All submitted projects will be displayed during the III. edition of Myplant & Garden (22-24 February 2017), the most important international exhibition of horticulture, the garden and the green in Italy, with plaques and commemorative scrolls for the first ten classified. 
Publication of the notice: 11.7.2016 
Registration by 12/05/2016 
Sending documents by the 01/09/2017 
Communication of selected project by 01/30/2017 
Exhibition and awards: Myplant & Garden, 22-24 February 2017 
works realization: Dynamo Camp (WWF affiliated oasis, Limestre -PT), 6-15 / 10/2017

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