Easy to transport tracked self-propelled chipper


In this video Alberto, professional gardener and arborist, tests the Agrinova Zenith self-propelled chipper on track, a chipper for professional gardener and renters.
Zenith is a professional tracked chipper, with double hydraulic roller, combustion engine, drum cutting system, suitable for chipping trunks, branches and all branches, also suitable for cutting palm pruning.
It is a machine capable of quickly chipping any type of twigs and vegetative material.
Thanks to its very wide and wide mouth and the cutting system it can shred large woods and logs with a diameter of over 15 centimeters. Moreover, it can be moved easily, thanks to the track, which allows you to reach the pruning point with ease.
The Zenith chipper has a single motor to drive the track and the chipper, to obtain stability of movement and driving, low center of gravity, lower consumption and little maintenance and low running costs. Zenith has a very large loading hopper, capable of intruding large amounts of pruning and shredding leafy and broad branches quickly.
Furthermore, this chipper is easy to transport, thanks to its small size it is possible to load it on vans and small vans.
The Agrinova Zenith chipper has an anti-clogging system, thanks to its large discharge system that remains large without bottlenecks.


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