Echo brushcutters: always perfect results


However large the area to be cleaned, there is an Echo machine that suits your needs. Echo brushcutters are designed to guarantee excellent performance with maximum comfort of use.
Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, such as the innovative High Torque tapered torque, they allow to optimize the work to the maximum with extremely low consumption and emissions.
The efficient anti-vibration systems, the easy ignition, and the excellent balance are just some of the many features that the Echo brushcutters have to reduce the operator's fatigue.
They are also characterized by powerful engines built to last over time and boast a design designed to ensure the highest productivity possible while respecting the health of the operator and the environment.
The new SRM-3020TESL and SRM-3610TL and TU models guarantee exceptional cutting performance and allow you to quickly manage demanding work situations.
Echo - Depend on it

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