ECHO: a lot of news in the range chainsaws


There are many new features in the range of chainsaws Echo, available from October 2015. In the category of pruning, the new and highly anticipated chainsaw Compact lightweight CS2510-TES / TESC, with an extraordinary balance and with the best power to weight ratio.While in the category of multipurpose are 4 new models: the CS-281WES, the smallest of its kind, lightweight and very powerful, suitable for limbing. It has extremely low emissions and cutting performance increased by more than 20% over the previous model. The CS-361WES particularly suitable for the care of fruit trees, easy to handle and comfortable, with full respect for the operator, thanks to the catalytic converter. In addition the power has been increased by 10% over the previous model. The CS-390ESX, newprofessional model, incredibly efficient and performing. Emissions and fuel consumption are greatly reduced due to powerful motor Euro 2.Finally, top of the range in the category of multi-purpose, the CS-501SX, boasts the lowest weight among the models of the same displacement and an extraordinary power to perform the toughest jobs effortlessly. Whether you need to chop wood or carry out pruning work, Echo has the right chainsaw for every job. All products are madeaccording to the same professional standards. Echo chain saws are equipped with excellent cutting performance, they are extraordinarily durable and comfortable to use.Trust Echo.


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