Vessels that cover plants


Beautiful and colorful, environmentally friendly, but also functional. They were presented a few days ago in Milan vessels of the new American Bloem Bagz, distributed in Italy by Digiplastics. Designed for home gardening, they are real clothes" for the plants, made of fabric made from recycled plastic bottles."It is an innovative product," said Vincenzo Piarulli, director of Digiplastics, at the launch of the line in Italy, organized at the apartment Lake Brera, "especially for the material used, which makes the available light, washable Machine and foldable for easy storage season, but also beautiful thanks to the various forms and especially to the many colors available that will make it more fashionable and cheerful every room in the house, including the terrace. Real clothes, tailored to our plants. "Several models available, range from "Classical", available in many sizes and colors, the line "Down and dirty planters", offering more measures but in single color and with some particular pieces that allow special crops such as fragoliera, the patatiera and the herbarium. The vessels Bloem Bagz can be used both indoors and outdoors, in terraces and gardens.In addition to aesthetics, the Bloem Bagz also show attention to functional aspects, presenting characteristics that apply to the cultivation of flowers and plants of all kinds. He explains Basilio monks, professor of the Institute of Agrarian Stanga Cream: "The inner lining for additional moisture control promotes excellent root growth, while special steel eyelets and mesh allow better airflow and less standing water, allowing you to get better results than plastic pots or cooked because it can be grown in small pots also plants of considerable size. "The line will BloemBagz in garden centers from next spring


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