E-commerce to send flowers


MyFloraWeb is the ecommerce that allows you to send flowers online anytime, wherever you are. An internet connection and a credit / debit card are enough to activate the service.

How does it work

The ecommerce to send flowers is very simple to use. Once the account is activated, you can select the product that you prefer within a very wide range of plant types. Among the products available, you can also choose the flowers + jewelry / sweet / plush / tricks packages. A great way to homage to the dearest and at the same time practical and immediate people.

A solution for those far away

The service is particularly suitable for those who are away from home and who, especially during special occasions, seek a way to make their presence felt to people who are important in their lives. An efficient solution and, above all, showing tenderness, care and romance.

Solutions for every occasion

And for those who do not mean flowers and floral language, MyFloraWeb has dedicated special sections for all major events: birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, graduation, but also to encourage people in case of mourning or illness. MyFloraWeb is a personal guide to the world of floristry and everything that orbits around.



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