Spare parts and e-commerce, a winning duo


In fifty years of history, Sermac has transformed itself from a small workshop to a market leader, with an e-commerce portal that offers over 10 thousand items destined mainly to a B2B audience.
GardenTV interviewed Nunzia Dominelli, Sermac marketing manager, to find out the reasons for the company's success.
When and how did your business start?
The history of Sermac began way back in 1969, when its founder started his small workshop for the repair of chainsaws and forest equipment.
At the beginning of the 1970s the boom in the sector allowed the founder of Sermac to grow quickly, so much so that he became the first regional distributor of a famous German brand of chainsaws. The strong enthusiasm, the great passion for work, the desire to do and creativity suddenly become the ingredients of an extraordinary recipe: success. At the end of the 1980s the small company, which operates at the regional level, takes the big step that allows it to become a reality operating on a national scale. In fact, in 1989 Sermac began to operate in the field of distribution of products for gardening and the forest sector throughout Italy and abroad.
Which customer target are you targeting, private or store?
Our target customers are garden machine dealers and workshops for garden machine repair; agricultural machinery dealers and repair shops for agricultural machinery, hardware stores, DIY centers, brico, garden centers, local wholesalers, online sales e-commerce stores.
"The Sermac range includes an extraordinary variety of spare parts and accessories for chainsaws and garden machines"
What are the most requested and sold spare parts?
The Sermac range includes an extraordinary variety of spare parts and accessories for chainsaws and garden machines. Among the most widely sold lines, the Pro.Top chains and chains for chainsaws and Aladin garden machine batteries, multi-brand spare parts for chainsaws and brushcutters stand out.
What is your most popular range of spare parts?
Sermac is highly specialized in spare parts and accessories for chainsaws. Multi-brand spare parts for the major chainsaw brands are certainly the company's core business.
How does the network of sales points and after-sales service centers work?
At the moment we serve thousands of workshops and sales points located throughout the national territory. These are multi-brand stores that sell spare parts and accessories for the main national and international brands of garden machinery. The network of shops and workshops is constantly growing, thanks to the innovative Sermac marketing, which has allowed the company to become a reference player in the Italian aftermarket market for garden machines.
How does your e-commerce work and what kind of "weight" does it have on your total turnover?
Our e-commerce (B2B) is certainly the preferred channel for the acquisition of orders from our stores and our workshops. Orders acquired through the B2B currently represent 60% of the total orders. The B2B is accessed through a reserved area, where our retailers can place the order online with the shopping cart, download monthly promotions and price lists, consult their history and track shipments.
It is growing?
Our e-commerce is growing, as it currently represents the main channel through which retailers send orders to the company. The site is really user-friendly, convenient to use and consult and well structured, in order to facilitate the search for products by users. Users who use the site for the first time can easily find their way through more than 10,000 articles online, which makes the browsing experience relaxing and engaging.


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