The economic value of trees


How much can a tree cost? Its price today can be evaluated, bearing in mind numerous parameters that allow to establish the economic value of its presence for the urban context in which it is located.
Because a tree makes a shadow, and therefore saves on air conditioning and electricity; a tree captures carbon dioxide, absorbs water and pollutants. A tree is also beauty, which therefore helps to enrich the environment in which it grows.
Recently, the weekly New Scientist has been dealing with "treeconomics", which explained how the possibility of evaluating the value of trees (the Arboricoulturale Journal has recently published the Formula Cavat) guarantees its protection.
"Today we can calculate the exact value of a tree - we read in the article on New Scientist - from shadow to beauty. And this could be the best way to protect them and design the forests of the future ".
Sources New Scientist, Arboricoltural Journal


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