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Edizioni L'Informatore Agrario

With L'Informatore Agrario, founded by Alberto Rizzotti in 1945 in Verona, he began the commitment of the publishing house to professionally document the agricultural issues. On the first issue the founder as well defined, with foresight, the setting of the new magazine: "We will provide the farmer and the professional of all those practical data that can facilitate their work procedures and practices".
Today the weekly The Informant Agrario is the leading magazine for professional farming in Italy. In 1983, the publishing house, to meet a growing interest in non-professional agricultural issues, publishes the monthly magazine: Life in the Countryside, which soon becomes the most popular magazine in Italy for the green and for hobby farmers lovers. In 2004 comes MAD - Agricultural Machinery Tomorrow, monthly agricultural mechanics. In 2006 born Origin, the taste of the Italian territory, the magazine dedicated to quality Italian agro products and its protagonists. In 2004 he also founded the quarterly Living House Country, initially as a supplement to Life in the Country, to become, in 2014, independent magazine dedicated to the house: from restructuring to save energy, to do it yourself.

The Informant Agrario, Country Life, MAD, Origin and Living the Country House are sent only by subscription. Upon completion of the magazine, published by The Informant Agrario publishes specialized books in agriculture both professional and amateur.

The Bank Online Data also offers readers an accurate record of what has been published since 1997. Rich is the production web internet sites, newsletters, videos.

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