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Edizioni Laboratorio Verde

Plants, flowers, earth, perfumes. It is that what you tell. Trends, news, markets, consumption and innovation find space and form in the pages of our magazines: Flortecnica and nurseries, and GreenUp Greenstyle.
A new way of specialized publications in the fields of horticulture and gardening, from the origins: the environmental value of the care of the green, from the professional to the more domestic.

publishing and digital products able to interpret the needs and changing needs, new types of customers and consumers. Trends in motion.
serious publishing and digital products, which boast collaborations and important collaborators. A young and dynamic publishing house, but anchored to the traditions and history of the Italian floriculture.
A publishing company that invests. In which to invest.

Our goals:

  • Create the best editorial and digital products
  • Being considered the best
  • Being the market leader
  • Create new products and continuously improve them
  • Develop the business in a healthy and vigorous manner

You can find us

Company headquarter
Edizioni Laboratorio Verde
Via Pasubio 16, Brebbia (VA)

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