The effects of European regulations on floriculture


It will be devoted to the effects of the European regulations on the production and marketing of floriculture products at the Annual Meeting of Anve, the National Exporting Nursery Association, to be held on 3 June to the Captain Stefano of Monopoli (Province of Bari).
The agenda of the day, which will begin at 10 am with the greetings of the authorities, provides, after the introductory speech of President Anve, a review of the new EU 2016/31 Regulation on measures to protect against harmful organisms by Councilor Anve Gianluca Buemi.
The word will then go to Silvio Schito of the Puglia Apologizing Observatory for X.fastidiosa Emergency Updates. Donato Boscia, the Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection - CNR will address the topic of scientific research applied to phytopathological emergencies: the Ponte and XF-actors projects. Finally Edoardo Sciutti, Secretary of the Anve, on Regulation 1143/2014 on invasive alien species.
To moderate the conference Novella B. Cappelletti - President of Paysage and Director of the International Landscape Architecture Topscape Magazine.
The day will end with the award of prize awards Stefano Capitanio.
For information and enrollment, contact Edoardo Sciutti - Secretary Anve at


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