Eima 2018: newcomer, interview with the new President of FederUnacoma


There are numerous commitments, as well as novelties, announced by Alessandro Malavolti, new president of FederUnacoma, elected a few days ago during the annual assembly in Bologna. After the release of the press release, the news has fallen on all the headlines of the industry these days: GardenTV wanted to deepen and reached by telephone the new president who showed us the strategies and new initiatives (some already started) to increase growth Of the sub-fund.

Commitments therefore are many and many new things as well. Of the most notable is the one that concerns Eima 2018. Among those that Malavolti has called "ideas to further improve the fair" is the opening to new themes and sectors: "We think of a water salon, dedicated to 'Irrigation and the ability to engage in new sectors such as agrochemicals and chemistry and seeds,' he said. "That's why our target can find Eima, in addition to the engines, everything that's needed, even the rest of his" purchases "to mean us or any of his interests."
FederUnacoma, however, is not just Eima, as Malavolti has pointed out with a joke and here is a long list of strategies to be put into effect in the immediate or longer term, with a premise: "My presidency, said Malavolti, He wants to be in continuity with that of Goldoni, my predecessor, with whom I have a good relationship and that I hope I can remain to manage some structures. "
"Yesterday," explained the new president, "I have been to the headquarters of Rome, to begin developing some of the main issues. In general, the relationship with the associates and the services to offer. Since FederUnacoma is a federation that includes five sub-associations, I would like to raise awareness to a more precise job so everyone can get in touch with their associates, so everyone can feel involved, in addition to those who already participate. "
Another key word is "internationalization", a careful look abroad, both through B2B channels and through fairs and events. "The intent is that more and more associates take advantage of this channel, really important." So, alongside "systemic" missions towards African states where there are already penetrations, in dialogue with government and government agencies and in collaboration with the Ice and Farnesina offices, here are also "turnkey packages for the most advanced countries, I think To the United States or Russia to make an example, for the smaller associates. "
Then the upgrading of the technical office, with regard to approvals and regulations, "above all," adds Malavolti, "for the electrical and electronic parts, which we know to be of great interest" and again the lobby theme, the regional commitment to The Psr speech and not least the formation.
"Both colleagues and associates - said FederUnacoma president - have just started some seminars, and others are going to hold it to improve skills and lead to cultural growth of associates even on issues such as fertilizers and seeds. We are assisting agronomic revolutions and we want to team up with multinationals on the one hand, and universities that update us on development. "
Still, business loans, to let associates know all available solutions. And last but not least, events and fairs.
Eima, with all the new ideas for 2018, but also the other most imminent and international national events that Malavolti would like to increase. There is already the Eima India experience, a model that he intends to bring to new countries as well.

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