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An international showcase for innovations dedicated to the world of gardening and landscaping, between technology and sustainability: at Eima International - and in particular within the EIMA Green show - companies will present their latest news to visitors. GardenTV asked exhibitors for a preview of the products on display. Here are their answers.
RBA2000 freemow robot
Safe, quiet and ecological, the new AMA Freemow RBA2000 robotic lawnmower is equipped with a powerful brushless motor and an intelligent navigation system.
It is recommended for treating green areas up to 2000 square meters.
This AMA robot is smart and easy to install, it can be programmed and managed via the app, as well as connected to home automation.
With Freemow you forget the effort of having to cut the grass, all that remains is the pleasure of being able to count on the robot to always have a healthy, beautiful and free lawn.
Briggs & Stratton
Interchangeable battery 48V 1.5kWh Swappable Battery Pack - Si1.5
The launch of the brand new 48V-1.5kWh Series Si interchangeable battery, designed and built to adapt to any type of use, will be the event of the year at Eima 2022.
A single battery for multiple uses, which can be easily changed in the workplace to reduce downtime.
Interchangeable in various applications, multiple installation configurations, with integrated BMS that allows you to intelligently manage the autonomy and safety of the battery and applications, quick locking and unlocking without tools: these are just some of the advantages of this battery.
FRC7 radio controlled lawn mower
The new Ferris FRC7 remote-controlled lawnmower satisfies all needs and greatly improves the ease and comfort of the operator in the management of urban green space and is also suitable for the most difficult to reach areas, sloping on embankments or in the undergrowth.
Less physical effort, no exposure to vibrations and safer operation.
The use of dedicated remotely controlled machinery drastically reduces risks, physical effort and operator exposure to vibrations, noise and emissions. The low-gravity tracked undercarriage of the FRC7 guarantees stability on steep slopes up to 55 °. Both the tracks and the cutting deck are electrically driven by the Hybrid E-drive system which combines a combustion engine with a battery system, creating a highly effective system.
The Vanguardfi EFI engine is fuel-efficient and operates independently of the electrical system, load sensing capability maintains optimum performance.
GRIN BIOCH50 is a bio-shredder and chipper designed for demanding individuals who want to shred the pruning from the hedge, the orchard and the vegetable garden up to diameters of 50-55 mm.
Built with a very sturdy steel frame, it mounts the powerful and reliable 208cc Briggs & Stratton XR PROFESSIONAL series with electric start system.
The 280 mm GRIN disc shredding system, with 2 blades and 8 hammers, allows you to work quickly and finely all types of pruning to transform it into excellent mulch for your garden. The steel structure guarantees durability and performance even with intense use and is designed to be very easy to handle thanks to the large anti-puncture GRIP GRIN wheels and the practical carrying handle. The loading hopper is equipped with a quick release system for cleaning the cutting unit and for convenient transport even in cars.
The wide and high hopper allows the loading of a good amount of material and the safety of the user.

Pruning shears C35 and C45
The Pellenc group presents the new C35 and C45 professional pruning shears at Eima 2022. Seventh generation of battery-powered scissors for the French brand, they are designed to ensure reliability over time and safety during work, combining at the same time a large capacity and cutting precision.
3.5cm cutting diameter for the C35 and 4.5cm for the C45, both are equipped with the innovative ACTIV 'SECURITY safety system, patented by Pellenc and able to be based on the natural impedance of the human body, which allows the blade to stop in contact with the operator's hand.
Both the C35 and the C45 can be used both with the pocket battery 150, and with the multifunction ULiB 250 with double plug.
The new scissors also require less routine maintenance than the previous models, thus further optimizing operating costs.


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