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The 2016 edition of EIMA International recorded a net increase in the exhibition area requested. Statistics from the Office FederUnacoma Events emerges as are soaring demands in areas such as sowing and fertilizing Processing" (Sector IV), that of the "Protection of plants and crops" (Sector V), that of " machines for irrigation "(Sector VI), and that of machines for the" First processing and storage of products "(Sector VIII). Moreover, an increase in demand is virtually found in all 14 areas of specialization that divide the exhibition and in the four thematic salons, dedicated respectively to the components (EIMA Components), bioenergy (EIMA Energy), gardening and care of green (EIMA green) and the multi-functionality in agriculture (EIMA MiA). The increase in demand, says the Federation of Italian manufacturers, which organizes the festival is a clear sign of the great interest of the exhibiting industries for the Bologna show, and the will of the same to invest in this event more and more resources.**Global exposure **Better facilities and better logistics services and hospitality characterize the 2016 edition of EIMA International, which is preparing to host exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. Are in fact 480 foreign exhibiting companies from 43 countries participating in the exhibition, while for visitors it is expected a turnout of 140 Nations. These data, collected by FederUnacoma Events, confirm that the EIMA is perceived by market participants as a truly global event, the reference point for companies and operators from all countries, including those in Europe and Regions Westerners, who have historically been a leader in the production of machines and equipment for agriculture, and the emerging markets, which have large numbers and that are competitive in international markets today. Currently there are among the exhibitors (companies that have applied) over 40 industries from France, over 60 from Germany, 60 from Spain, 30 from the United States, but many are also investments (requests) of industries from countries like Turkey (over 90), China (140) and India (over 20)."

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