To EDP the importance of training for the gardener


On Wednesday 11 November, from 11:00 to 12:00, Federico Di Cara, director and teacher of the Academy of the Garden, will present an intervention entitled "The importance of training for the gardener" on the Eima Digital Preview platform.
Starting from a reflection on the most recent demands of the labor market and companies, Di Cara will show how updated and continuous training is increasingly necessary and in line with the employment and future prospects of the sector, a consequence of a more mature and considered awareness. of this profession by the gardener, their role and the importance of specific skills.
Professionalism, quality, safety of operators: to achieve these objectives, a stronger integration between the disciplines involved in the design and management of greenery and a development of the professional skills of operators and maintenance workers are essential.
Di Cara will talk about the experience of the Italian Academy of Gardino, a training institution for gardeners, included in the Eima Green Academy network: created to enhance the training offer of specialized schools, public and private bodies and institutes that promote courses of excellence for operators in the green supply chain.
Finally, the intervention will focus on the "machine park" necessary for the gardener to do his job in the best possible way, defining which equipment is essential for this activity and giving indications on the importance of maintenance and renewal of the equipment.
The meeting can be followed in streaming via the Eima Digital Preview platform, the digital platform created by Eima International, online from 11 to 15 November, which allows the virtual visit of exhibition stands, contact with companies and participation in events. training and business.
To follow the webinar, register for free at this link

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