Eima Green Academy is born


A new network of excellence for the professional training of green operators and advanced hobbyists: EIMA Green Academy is born, a Comagarden project in collaboration with the best educational institutions.
The initiative responds to the ever-increasing attention of the sector for the theme of training, for the professionalism, quality and safety of the operators, against the growth of gardening.
Eima Green Academy will take advantage of the already existing training offer, created by specialized training institutions, associations and schools and other public and private institutions, with which a training course will be developed that provides the appropriate skills for implementation, management and green care.
The recipients are gardeners, gardeners and gardeners, advanced hobbyists.
They have already joined Eima Green Academy as specialized training schools accredited directly by the Agricultural School of the Park of Monza, the Minoprio and Dinamica Foundation, as well as other prestigious institutions and associations located throughout the country.
At the directly accredited training schools, Eima Green Academy will carry out two in-depth and specialization modules to complement the courses already planned, one for professional teaching on the mechanization of endothermic engines for gardening machines, the second on the mechanization of powered gardening equipment with lithium battery.
At the end of each training course, all participants who have completed a recognized course within the Eima Green Academy network, will have the opportunity to integrate their teaching preparation by taking part in a training course, as part of the edition 2020 by Eima Green, including an "Educational tour" on mechanization or innovation and home automation for gardening.
The Schools, Institutes and organizations that collaborate in the training project will be adequately promoted with communication initiatives carried out by Comagarden and Eima and will be visible in the context of the Bologna Exhibition and on the official websites of Eima Green and Eima International.

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