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Eima: 'green corridors' for foreign operators

Eima: 'green corridors' for foreign operators


After confirmation of the regular conduct of trade fair activities, contained in the Prime Ministerial Decree issued yesterday afternoon, the procedures for the incoming of foreign operators to Eima International are accelerated. By virtue of the provision issued by the Government on 7 September last, with which the "green corridors" are established to allow the arrival in Italy of commercial agents, retailers and buyers from various countries, FederUnacoma has now officially launched , the authorization procedures for the great agricultural mechanics exhibition, which takes place from 3 to 7 February 2021 at the Bologna exhibition center.
The lists of operators requesting to participate in the next EIMA International will be submitted by the organizing body for approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (alternatively, the same procedure is also provided for at the Ministry of Health) and the authorizations upon arrival in Italy will be granted with a simplified procedure if the operators comply with the pre-established health protocol.
This provides for the submission of a specific form upon entry into the country and the certification of the negative outcome of the antigenic and molecular tests carried out in the previous 72 hours.
The procedure, which unlocks the restrictions on foreign buyers previously introduced due to the Covid emergency, is part of the strategy to relaunch the Italian trade fair system, launched by the Government with the "Pact for Export", which identifies precisely in trade fairs with a strong international vocation a decisive tool for the resumption of production and commercial activities. By virtue of the "green corridors", operators from all over Europe, from the American and Asian continent and from all those countries where restrictions on transfers are in force and which may instead be waived on the basis of specific trade fair events, may be present at EIMA. The benefits of the "corridors" are not applicable at the moment, only in particular cases, see some countries in South America (Brazil, Colombia, Chile), some countries in the Gulf area (Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman) and in the Balkan area (Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia). In any case - FederUnacoma underlines - the operators of these countries will be able to take advantage of the digital platform EDP, which will be in operation from 11 to 15 November next and which allows exhibitors to showcase product ranges and to establish, through their own virtual rooms, business contacts directly with operators from all over the world.


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