EIMA Green: more than 270 exhibitors for the gardeners exposition


Will be more than 270 the epositrici industries within the EIMA Green lounge, with a range of merchandise aimed at both professionals and hobbyists of gardening and landscape maintenance. operators and visitors are expected from all over the world for an event that also becomes the occasion for monitoring market trends.
The salon is held at Fiera di Bologna 9 to 13 November, within the World dell'espoziione agricultural machinery EIMA, for which they expected 240 thousand professionals from 240 countries. EIMA Green will occupy Halls 33, 34 and 33a, for a total area of 13 thousand square meters.
"The Bologna event - explains FederUnacoma - which also provides a full schedule of thematic meetings and seminars on the industry market and the maintenance of green areas techniques, is the opportunity to monitor the development of demand for the various types product, in international markets but also on the domestic market. sales in Italy, which last year recorded a 1.3% overall increase in the ratio of 1 million 233 thousand units absorbed between machines and equipment, in the first six months of 2016 confirm the positive trend with sales levels equal to those of the same period in 2015, and are expected to keep active even in the second half of the year ".
The analyzes made by Comagarden (the association that represents the FederUnacoma within the gardening sector industries) are expected at the end of 2016 in line with the previous year with regard to lawnmowers and chainsaws (284,000 and 348,000 units, respectively, the final scheduled for 2016), while an increase of around 3% should be both brushcutters that the tillers (respectively 259 000 and 32 000 units). Down it will result instead snowplows, as a result of a lenient weather season (-7%, at a rate of 5,600 units planned). At EIMA Green it will be interesting to monitor the market outlook in particular for Ride-on for hobby use, which should mark a significant drop in the Italian market (-9% with 7,300 units); while the robot lawn mower continue to arouse interest especially in the amateur segment, and at year end should count nearly 16,000 total units sold, an increase of more than 4% over the previous year.


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