Eima Green, all you need to know


The importance for the market of gardening machines, the news of the edition that is about to begin, the numbers and the program of training initiatives: here's all you need to know about Eima Green. GardenTV interviewed Franco Novello, president of Comagarden.
How is the garden machine market going? Can Eima Green help to stimulate it?
In the first six months of 2018 we recorded a lukewarm improvement in sales, but positive, especially compared to the European trend, which was decidedly worse, due to a much less favorable weather.
The fair is certainly an opportunity to further push the industry, especially because it gives the opportunity to present new products, which are always a great stimulus to sales.
The technological innovation is certainly one of the main reasons that encourage the purchase. The whole Eima International fair gives emphasis and prize to the news and Eima Green will also have events combined with the M.i.A. Then obviously the rest will do the companies with the products that will exhibit.
The Garden Show has grown compared to the last edition? How many exhibitors will be present? And what is the total of the exhibition space?
Eima Green is growing together with Eima International. This year we will have larger exhibition spaces, for a total area of 14 thousand square meters in 5 pavilions. Also the number of exhibitors is always increasing and this year will be 300. It is not a surprise for us because the context is very attractive and the growth is a confirmation of a trend of the last 4 or 5 editions.
Among the novelties of Eima 2018 is the new Idrotech Irrigation Show. What kind of relationship can you have with Eima Green?
Underneath, there is certainly an affinity between the two halls. It can certainly be an opportunity to stimulate dialogue between the two sectors. Let me explain: in a synergistic mechanism the efficiency of the machines goes hand in hand with the efficient use of the most important resource, ie water. So I think it would be good for companies to take cues to think in an integrated way, clearly not distorting their offer, but creating links and partnerships. In other words, to think efficiently, we need to start thinking about a "garden system".
Has the part of training events and meetings also increased within the event? Can you already anticipate what the most significant meetings will be?
Training is certainly an extra opportunity in the already rich basket of Eima's offer. We will have numerous seminars dedicated to professionals of the green. The Agricultural School of the Park of Monza will organize for example one on the use of drones in agriculture and in the garden and one on the safety in the use of machines for the garden. The seminar organized by Fondazione Minoprio will be dedicated to the safe use of the chainsaw, while in the external areas there will be tests for the use of equipment, mainly for the forest. Finally I stress that for this edition we will also have the contribution of individuals and the public, the Ministry for economic development, on the issue of protection of trademarks and patents, against counterfeiting.
How many visitors are expected for this edition?

300,000 visitors are expected for Eima International. Surely we will be able to enjoy not only the specific interest towards gardening, even the towing of the fair.

Eima International is a trademark owned by FederUnacoma; Comagarden is proud to participate and contribute to the organization of the event. Eima Green's salon has now conquered a well-defined physiognomy, importance and space, which are confirmed by numbers and visitors.


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