EIMA International, an assessment of the latest editions


On the sidelines of the press conference of the new agreement with BolognaFiere for the next editions of the event, FederUnacoma drew up a balance sheet of the last eight years of EIMA International, which from 2008 to 2016 showed, albeit in a context of international crisis and proliferation of events, a 17% increase with respect to the exhibiting industries and 103% of the visitors.
They have as many as 45 countries of origin by the exhibitors, 160 ones from which visitors arrive: "To date - explanatory EIMA International - the Bologna exhibition is the one with the highest level of internationality among those in the industry."
In spite of the negative economic trends, therefore, the EIMA in Bologna exhibitors has increased from 1,635 in 2008 to 1,915 in 2016 edition took place last November; and above has grown from a number of visitors of 140,700 in 2008 to a record $ 285,000 in the edition 2016. In similar proportion has increased the number of foreign operators (98%), increased from 22,500 in 2008 to 44,500 last year.
"With these numbers - continues the statement released by FederUnacoma - the exhibition EIMA has reached a position of great prestige in the international panorama of fairs, establishing itself as one of the first ever for the number of exhibitors and visitors and as one with the greater level of internationality. "
In the face of such significant increases are expected, for the next few years, an increase in demand regarding the display area and a greater expectation also regarding the architectural features of the pavilions. To overcome the structural limits of the fairgrounds, in recent years we have tried to satisfy the required exhibition area with the provision of temporary stands and use of outer surfaces. With the implementation of the new plan of expansion and renovation it will be able to effectively meet the requirements in terms of capacity both in terms of system quality and services.
Thanks to the large and radical renewal of the fairground the exhibition EIMA will make a quantum leap and confirmed - by virtue of higher standards - as a privileged platform especially for international operators. The official foreign delegations that visit the Sun EIMA to develop business relationships with manufacturing industries - organized jointly by the Ice and FederUnacoma - are steadily increasing (80 delegations from 70 countries in the edition 2016), confirming as has increased the interest in this event, and as is also growing expectation in terms of hospitality and business facilities.


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