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Eima International, sold out for the 2016 edition

Eima International, sold out for the 2016 edition


Missing more than six months at the start of the 42nd edition of EIMA International, the exposure has already occupied the full Bologna exhibition center, despite the construction, in addition to fixed structures, seven prefabricated halls. Many companies coming not only from Italy, Germany, France, USA, Spain, Turkey and China, for an event that will count exhibitors from 43 countries and is expected to host visitors from 140 countries.After the collection phase of requests to participate, EIMA International opens therefore now the allocation of the stands.The exhibition will be held in Bologna 9 to 13 November 2016, and already requests for space from companies occupy 95% of the 150 thousand net square meters of the Bologna district; for some sectors were started waiting lists.To make room for approximately 1,900 participating companies - explanatory EIMA - will be set up, in addition to the 18 fixed pavilions of the exhibition center of Bologna, 7 other temporary pavilions, while in outdoor squares will be equipped some areas for demonstrations. With this level of participation, and with an audience of operators which in the last (November 2014) reached the record level of 235,000 units, the exhibition of agricultural machinery will again this year a very significant impact on the city of Bologna both in economic terms and in terms of logistics, and this also engage the local authorities, institutions and transport infrastructure in an expansion plan of services for visitors. The logistical aspect, as well as the reception system at the show, take in this edition an even more important role, considering the ever-increasing degree of internationalization of the same ".The figures speak of 460 foreign companies coming from 43 countries, while visitors are expected from 140 countries."The Office's FederUnacoma Events - continue the organizers - show how EIMA International is perceived by market participants as a truly global event, the reference point for companies and operators from all countries, including those in and Western regions, which are historically a leading manufacturer of machines and equipment for agriculture, and emerging, which have large numbers and which are now competitive in international markets. "The current number of exhibitors over 40 industries from France, over 60 from Germany, 60 from Spain, 30 from the United States, but many are also investments of industries from countries like Turkey (over 90), China (about 140) and India (over 20). Events statistics from the Office emerges as are increasing demands in areas such as "sowing and fertilizing Processing" (Sector IV), that of the "Protection of plants and crops" (Sector V) and that of machines " before processing and storage of "(Sector VIII) products, while an increase in exhibition space request is found in all 14 areas of specialization that divide the exhibition and in the four thematic salons, dedicated respectively to the components (EIMA Components) bioenergy (EIMA Energy), gardening and park maintenance (EIMA green) and the multi-functionality in agriculture (EIMA MiA)"


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