Eima M.i.a. urban green experiences


Urban gardens, roof gardens, walls with ground cover: a EIMA M.i.a., the salon of multifunctionality which will be staged to coincide with the EIMA International (but in a new exhibition space) the theme is the relationship between urban reality and green. Visitors will find innovative ideas and cutting edge in technical, design and culture for new cultivation form for peripheral areas, vegetable gardens in the city and the green architecture, to name a few.
The salon has a new exhibition space (in contrast with previous years will not be held in the exhibition center, but in the conference center adjacent to the fair), set up with an evocative setting.
"The new location of the MiA - explanatory FederUnacoma - allows installations of great impact, offering the public the vision of what the green design, green architecture and the applied technological innovations can now build for urban and suburban areas. Green Installations, walls with ground cover, for roof gardens systems and street furniture solutions with biomaterials, this will be the glance for the visitors of MiA ".
"After a long period in which the city has" invaded "the campaign with overbuilding phenomena and frenzied urbanization - says Gianluca Cristoni, the salon activities coordinator and president of the foundation Biohabitat - is opening a season in which the campaign takes ownership of urban areas, with the introduction of farming in the suburbs, with the spread of urban gardens, with the inclusion of agriculture-crops in parks and public and private gardens. Eima M.i.a. documenting and promoting this. "


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