EIMA International, the triumph of mechanics


Record numbers for the 42nd edition of EIMA International, the important show of agricultural machinery, which drew at Bologna 285 thousand visitors from 140 countries and operators. Numerous business meetings, but also growing media interest and company for an event that is by far one of the largest "party" of agriculture and land. 
A success beyond all expectations to EIMA International, the exhibition of agricultural machinery which ended last night at Bologna with the historical record of visitors. Within five days of exposure the number of admissions has reached the overall share of 285,000, an increase of 21% compared to the previous edition (2014), and with a number of foreign operators representing more than 44,000, an increase of 18%. The important event - organized by the Italian Federation of FederUnacoma manufacturers (Confindustria) - produced a huge number of business contacts, offering the mass of visitors a wide range of technologies developed by the 1,900 exhibiting companies present in the exhibition halls. But it also represented a "party" to the world of agriculture and that of engines, with important repercussions on the media plan and the "social". Hundreds of journalists from all over the world, have told this live event, while a broad audience of players could follow the unfolding of the event thanks to Web TV EIMA, which has made more than 40 facilities and 8 live streaming. Over 75,000 people were reached through FaceBook, and this produced 500 thousand interactions (like, comment and share posts published). The team EIMA Social Team of Image Line - Agronotizie / FederUnacoma has produced over 1000 multimedia content, which will allow the event live on the web also in the months to come. But the 2016 edition of EIMA International was especially that of foreign delegations (80 in total including 70 made by FederUnacoma thanks to the support and active collaboration of the ICE, the Agency of the Ministry of Economic Development responsible for internationalization of businesses. The only ICE-FederUnacoma initiative has produced some fifteen visits to the stands of the exhibiting companies and three thousand meetings "business to business" organized for operators that are part of the delegations. The operators of the delegations have arrived mainly from South America, from Africa to Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, as well as from republics of the former Soviet Union, the Balkans and Oceania. For the first time visited the EIMA delegates of Jordan, Kenya, Mozambique and Palestine, while those of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Iran and Peru were the largest delegations. beyond the official delegations, the more than 40,000 foreign workers "self" have come from 140 countries. The interest of Italian and foreign visitors has covered all areas of the expo: from tractors to components, from irrigation to gardening, to the bioenergy, represented in the "Energy" produced by Itabia, and structured to also offer an essay practical technology for energy exploitation of waste and agricultural production. Among the many successful initiatives, the new EIMA Desk area, organized in collaboration with the Unacma, and competition Fioriti Municipalities of Italy, created as part of efforts to "Green". "This edition closes so glorious the EIMA International Cycle set up in the current structures of the Bologna exhibition - said the President FederUnacoma Massimo Goldoni - and propels us towards a future in which the display will change its appearance due to the progressive interventions, provided by BolognaFiere, the restructuring of the fairgrounds. A changing neighborhood, to better welcome a review that is world-beating in the field and knows how to involve companies and operators like no other ".


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