Electric olive harvesters


Campagnola presents its electric olive harvesters, now in two versions: Linea 58 and Linea Eco.

Alice was first born to meet the needs of the Italian market, which required a particularly plant-friendly machine. With the particular elliptical opposing movement of the rake, covered by a Campagnola patent, and its flexible and interchangeable tines in technopolymer, it does not damage the branches and reduces defoliation to a minimum. It remains the best-selling beater in the world.
Hercules, on the other hand, was born to satisfy the demands of the Andalusian market, but then it became widespread in olive groves all over the world that have particularly thick and intricate branches. Characterized by an elliptical movement of the rake and by flexible and interchangeable prongs in technopolymer or carbon, with its harvesting power it is the ideal tool for professional use on large plants with particularly thick foliage.
Holly has been designed to guarantee good collection performance combined with great ease of use and a very low and well balanced weight.
Line 58 is therefore born from the need to facilitate the work of professionals working in the sector. Widely tested in 2018, it is now offered to the market with mass production. The three implements are equipped with a lighter power unit with a brushless motor, an economiser of battery consumption and two stroke speeds. They can be powered either by a special lithium battery or a lead-acid battery for cars (using a converter). This is the most professional line of Campagnola electric olive harvesters.
The ECO Line, on the other hand, has a rake speed of 1200 strokes per minute, is equipped with a brush motor and is powered by a lead-acid battery for cars. This is the most economical line, which however maintains the high quality standards of Campagnola.
As for spare parts, lubricants and accessories, Campagnola demonstrates its respect for the environment by offering on the market an oil designed specifically for organic cultivation, which does not risk polluting with chemical elements and above all does not leave residues on the fruit: an NSF certified oil , ecological and environmentally friendly in line with the spirit of Campagnola.


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