Electric Turbotrimmers for borders


To meet the needs of even the less experienced users, however, are looking for solutions to get a perfect lawn, even the edges, Gardena this year has expanded its range of Turbotrimmers, with two new electric models SmallCut, the 300/23 and 350/23.They differ in the engine power the two new Turbotrimmers, but they are both equipped with a front handle extra-long to work in the most comfortable position.Montano also the wire extension system clap and go", allowing total control and thus avoid waste. "Extremely lightweight (1.9 to 2.1 kg), ergonomic and easy to use, the new Turbotrimmers allow a cutting diameter of 230 mm - explanatory Gardena - The big news of Turbotrimmers SmallCut Plus 350/23 is the fact that is longer than 10 cm (XL) with respect to the 300/23 model, and is ideal for the highest user (height higher than 1.75 m) "."

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