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Ema Garden

Ema Garden is an established company in Molise, in constant growth in the area and in particular in the area of central Italy, and is recognized for the reliability and professionalism of the technical staff. The machines available to park is suitable to meet every need, dall'espianto and installation of plants of large size, from construction to the realization of small masonry work, from pruning to the sport irrigation, residential or agricultural. Ema Garden has an advanced system for the cultivation of the lawn, which allows to offer a great product at a competitive price. "Prato Pronto" is in effect the perfect solution to create a durable turf, because grown for six months before laying with specific techniques. The experience gained during many years of activity, the ability to design and create green areas in balance with the environment and with the aim to improve its usability, are skills that make Ema Garden company highly competitive. Has been working for years in the design, construction and maintenance of green areas, parks and gardens, both private and public, creating works that aim to bring out the beauty of the garden or the park, increasing the value of homes but especially by improving the quality of life people, creating green in respect of the environment and nature. The giardineri Ema Garden are able to diagnose diseases of plants and soils and to apply the most appropriate healing techniques.


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Ema Garden
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