New backpack blowers for optimum performance and comfort


Maximum comfort and optimal performance to the operator's service, even in the harshest working environments: these are the main features of the new shoulder blowers models presented by Emak, brand Efco (SA 9000) and Oleo-Mac (BV 900) .
The new blowers SA 9000 and BV 900 are functional in different working contexts.
The use is suitable for both the cleaning of urban areas, both in agricultural field, as an aid to harvesting olives, fruit or other crops just falls from plants.
The blowers have Emak ergonomics studied in detail: the backpack is thought to contain to a minimum weight and the oscillations of the machine during work and minimize the vibrations transmitted to the operator. In addition, controls are perfectly accessible and the handle is easily adjustable according to the operator's stature.
The blowers SA 9000 Efco and Oleo-Mac BV 900 is equipped with 2 to 5 HP-stroke engine with recoil starter. The high performance in terms of flow (27 m³ / min) and air velocity (105 m / sec) ensure cleaning and rapid collections, effective in any condition of the ground. The frame is made of anodized aluminum, lightweight and rust resistant so as to ensure optimum durability. The engine speed is adjustable according to need thanks to a throttle lever fixed. A large filter paper by the high capacity and durability makes it possible to cope with any kind of environment, even the most dusty.
The two output terminals of air supplied as standard, with rectangular and circular cross-section, are equipped with a hemisphere that allows resting on the ground on flat terrain, helping to ensure maximum comfort to the operator. Finally, all the screws have the same head in order to be able to use a single key to the maintenance of the entire machine.


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