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Great features, combined with ease of use and security: Emak presents the news aimed particularly at private: walking tractors 400, 400 R (reverse) and 110 for the mower Bertolini rotary cultivators BRIK, BRIK R (reversible) and the mower FC 110 for Nibbi. The walking tractor walking tractor BRIK 400 Bertolini and Nibbi are the ideal machines for those who have a garden or a garden of small size, with the need for periodic maintenance of the land in preparation for planting, even in difficult conditions.The cutter of work (50 cm) has the particularity to rotate in the direction opposite to that of advancement of the wheels to ensure the operator maximum control of the medium, with a reduction of the vibrations perceived.The machine is designed to ensure high comfort to the user: the handlebars can be adjusted vertically to suit the posture and the on / off switch is integrated and positioned on the handle, along with the accelerator lever.In most versions reversible 400 R Bertolini and Nibbi BRIK R offer the handlebars adjustable vertically, horizontally and 180 ° reversible, the Quickfit coupling, and an independent PTO: 561 rev / min (cultivator version) and 1017 rpm / min (version mower).Prepared for central Special toothed cutter bar (92 cm), the new mower Bertolini 110 and FC 110 new mower Nibbi are light and handy, designed for cutting grass, fodder and cleaning out the garden.The height-adjustable handlebars, the Quickfit coupling, the gear oil bath aluminum and ergonomic controls confirm the great attention to the operator at the design stage of the machine.


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