Emak spa

Emak spa

A technological heart from Bagnolo in Piano, in the plains of Reggio, pounding on all five continents, bringing the Italian manufacturing excellence into gardens and woodland around the world. The heart is one of the Emak Group, a European leader in the sector of machinery for the care of the green. Or rather, it is the entrepreneurs who with their enthusiasm and passion have allowed Emak to become a leading player in the international arena: what equally by careful industrial management and the brilliant insights of men today delegates to lead the group. Ready for the big challenges of the new market Courage, enthusiasm, passion, the will to always improve. On this basis began in the 60s, this adventure in the mechanical industry, which, thanks to the efforts of outstanding individuals, led to the birth of something really important, that now bears the name of Emak. Well it anchored to the same solid foundations Emak is now looking to a future full of new challenges and even more significant goals to conquer. Combining the winning philosophies of Oleo-Mac and Efco - the two companies and combined, have generated - and thanks to the skills and dedication of the management, all employees and all employees, over the years has been able Emak structuring of the absolute level quality standards, positioning itself in law between the leading companies in the international market. The brands distributed by Emak are Oleo-Mac, Efco, Bertolini and Nibbi.

You can find us

Emilia Romagna
Company headquarter
Emak spa
Via Enrico Fermi 4, Bagnolo In Piano (RE)

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