Emergency management in tree climbing


On June 15 and 16 at the Collegio della Guastalla di Monza, the high level training course on Emergency Management and the recovery of the wounded tree-climbing course, organized by Formation 3T, is completed.
The course management is aimed at those who want to learn the best management solutions for accidents that may occur during work on tree climbing.
The objective is twofold: on the one hand, learn how to evaluate the emergency, handle stress, and choose the most appropriate intervention as soon as possible; on the other hand, have the in-depth knowledge of the rescue techniques.
Most of the techniques used in Europe and worldwide for emergency management are the result of Mark Bridge's work in collaboration with the Treemagineers group (Bernd Strasser and Chris Cowell).
"Managing an emergency situation at work is a very complex task," explains Formation 3T. "In fact, we need to evaluate the situation, choose the right techniques of intervention and deliver the rescue, all in a very short time; The emotional component plays a decisive role in this dynamic, where it could be our injured workmate and only we can help him quickly. In this course you will learn about stress responses, so you can control our reactions. "
In the practical part, you will face different scenarios of emergency (crash, pole, scale, etc.). Various rescue and recovery techniques will be tested using different systems and equipment. This part of the course will be devoted almost entirely to practice, that is, it will be the cadres to realize the various recovery systems in order to acquire familiarity with such systems.

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