Learn English by visiting the gardens of the United Kingdom


Practice the English while going in search of the most famous gardens in the United Kingdom. Also this year the Manchester language school organizes study trips dedicated to gardeners and green professionals.
Three programs proposed for the 2018 edition of the "English language garden tours" (which have been taking place since 1995): each includes visits to the gardens, seminars and moments of in-depth study.
To accompany travelers will be the 'Garden Guru' Michaeljon Ashworth, a historian of gardens, fine arts and architecture, specializing in Italian influence in British gardens.
The three proposals are "The Cornish Gardens of Cornwall", from Thursday 19 to Wednesday 25 April, "The revolutionaries of design at Rhs Chatsworth", from Sunday 3 to Sunday 10 June and finally the new "English for gardeners", from Sunday 29 July to Sunday 5 August.
For information and reservations you can write to clare.littlewood@libero.it.

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