"Communication" is a feminine noun and esprithb are women.

A team of professionals from different fields who over the years have given up their voices to blend perfectly. This is us, the soul of esprithb.

We come from different backgrounds; from journalism as from advertising, from the graphics to the challenges of the web but we have a common denominator: passion and ability to communicate.

We operate in areas that are very different from each other: from tourism to architecture, from industrial technologies to the food & beverage. We measured with the ultralight aviation as with opera.

We have a soft spot for the Educational which is also our pride. For years, we develop, manufacture and follow step by step projects intended for younger thanks to the partnership with the magazine Okay !, the only magazine dedicated to the world of the school, read by 1.5 million students of secondary schools, primary and nursery. The magazine's website has over 40,000 contacts.

And, stealing a saying of Facebook, "we like" Green! esprithb is a member of Promogiardinaggio, an association that promotes love for nature in Italy for years and follows the release of a chain of garden centers.

You can find us

Company headquarter
Corso Magenta 56, Milano (MI)

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