Euroflora, last weekend of visits


The record of guided tours has already been exceeded, when there is still a weekend to the closure of the 2018 edition of Euroflora, in Genoa until 6 May, for the first time outdoors in the Parks of Nervi.
The location enhances the splendor of one of the most prestigious international floralies: 86 thousand square meters of gardens, paths and historic villas suspended between sky and sea.
Visitors to Euroflora will be able to venture out to discover extraordinary sceneries, getting lost inside the great labyrinth or crossing the "waves of fire" in long expanses of red flowers.
You can rest while admiring the slow trembling of water lilies on the water surface and letting yourself be enchanted by the framework dedicated to germination. And then again walking along the 5 kilometers of trails, to breathe the beauty of a unique complex with its one hundred botanical species, monumental trees, palms, the pepper tree, olive trees and maritime pines. With its historic villas in which to enter to visit exhibitions and exhibitions. Numerous events also. The complete calendar and all the information can be found on


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