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There is time until March 16 to participate in the "Meraviglia nei Parchi" competition organized for the 2018 edition of Euroflora, which will be held in the Parks of Nervi, in Genoa, from 21 April to 6 May. The invitation is addressed to professionals of the green, and not only: agronomists, garden designers, gardeners, but also architects, engineers, naturalists, artists and creatives of any nationality.
There are two sections provided, one dedicated to professionals and one to under25. Everyone is asked to create a garden within the framework of Euroflora 2018. "The selected designers, single or in groups, will have the availability of a space inside the event to realize their project", the organizers let the know.
The projects admitted to the participation will be realized at the expense and expense of the selected competitors, with the possibility of collaborations and sponsorships. Euroflora will make free spaces available.
To assess the accomplishments will be a jury of experts formed by a member of the Archaeological Superintendence, Fine Arts and Landscape for the Metropolitan City of Genoa and the provinces of Imperia, La Spezia and Savona, a member of the Order of Architects Planners Landscapers and Conservatories Province of Genoa, a member of the Order of Agronomists and Forestry Doctors of Genoa and Savona, a member appointed by AIAPP Italian Association of Landscape Architecture, in addition to the designer of Euroflora.
The awarding of the best projects will take place during the event from April 21st to May 6th. The total prize money is € 39,000, divided into three prizes for each category.
The winners will be distinguished by innovation, creativity, coherence of the project idea, interpretation and enhancement of the context, feasibility and ease of maintenance of the garden.
Projects must be submitted by 24.00 on Friday 16 March. Until the first of March it will be possible to send e-mail requests for clarification to the following address:
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