The Europe of flowers is found in Turin


For Italy it will be the first time: from 2 to 4 February the delegations of nine European countries will meet in Turin to attend the international meeting of Entente Florale Europe, the floral competition for countries and cities organized by the AEFP (Association Européenne pour le Fleurissement et le Paysage).
The news was announced by Asproflor-Comuni Fioriti, the only Italian partner of the association.
"This event, in addition to the particularity and rarity of the case, obviously gives great prestige to our country and the host city", comments Asproflor.
This meeting will be attended by around thirty people among presidents and judges, from Ireland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary and Belgium and not least from Italy . The representatives of the nations are all professionals in the sector.
The three days will be held with a restricted manager on Friday afternoon, while the following day, Saturday, will see a joint meeting with all European judges, to end the day in the evening gala dinner where the city authorities will welcome the judges. The following Sunday will be a collection of considerations and reflections gained in previous meetings that will end in greetings and goodbye to the next Legs and meetings around Europe.
Italy will bring the localities of Ingria (TO) and Cabella ligure (AL) to the European competition. Asproflor-Comuni Fioriti is the only Italian partner also for the world competition in Communities in Bloom (Canadian international organization) which this year will see as an Italian participant the municipality of Pomaretto (TO).

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