The event dedicated to fruit plants


The one that will take place on 17 March in Cartosio, in the province of Alessandria, is now the fifth edition of "Fruity Spring", an event entirely dedicated to fruit trees, which includes a market exhibition, pruning lessons, insights into the care and management.
The exhibition will allow you to choose fruit trees, vegetable and flower seedlings, seeds, objects, vegetable and orchard equipment, seasonal and local food products, while in the morning you can participate in a botanical walk in search of edible grasses.
Also scheduled are the famous pruning and grafting lessons with the grafters of Val Bormida.
The "main course" of the morning will be the conversation of Giuseppe Barbera, ordinary professor of Colture Arboree at the University of Palermo, recognized authority in citrus cultivation and expert in Mediterranean agricultural traditions.
Primavera Fruttuosa stands as a perfectly successful example of a street party without a budget and sharing more and more extended beyond the local borders, able to satisfy those who love the land, literature, the recovery of manual skills, curiosities, traditions, gastronomy healthy and tasty. It combines the recovery of the old varieties of local fruit trees to the gratification of amateur pastry chefs (the fruit cakes afternoon competition is eagerly awaited), the children's educational teaching of the circulation of peasant seeds with the traditional exchange of seeds and marines followed by Piedmontese groups and Lombardy.
The party opens at 9am in Piazza Terracini and in the adjacent streets and ends at sunset. No entrance fee and possibility to have lunch at the place or in the restaurants of the country, which for the occasion every year offer different fruitful menus.
For information www.comune.cartosio.al.it


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