When the 'secret garden' opens to the public


Two initiatives dedicated to the curious, to the green enthusiasts who will have the opportunity to admire and enjoy the atmospheres of dozens of private gardens, open to visits for a weekend. It will take place in Ferrara on 12 and 13 May, with "Interno verde" and then in Bologna, on the 18th and 19th, with the fifth edition of "Diverdeinverde".
Interno Verde is the event that every year, for a weekend, makes it possible to visit the most evocative and curious private gardens of the historic center of Ferrara, secret islands full of memories and memories, through which you can read the history, changes and experiences of the city.
The third edition of the festival will include a selection of the gardens opened in past years and many new spaces, which will be open to the public for the first time.
To accompany the exploration there will be a book made ad hoc, containing descriptions and photographs of the places included in the program and lots of extra content: insights, interviews, research, legends, illustrations, historical images, maps and drawings.
The initiative will be enriched by a full calendar of themed events: concerts, projections, river excursions, guided tours, workshops for adults and children, photographic exhibitions, artistic performances, readings and meetings.
Diverdeinverde returns from 18 to 20 May 2018. This is the fifth edition of an event much appreciated by visitors and made possible by the generous participation of the owners of the gardens, which willingly make them available to fans for a weekend in May.
"This edition - the organizers explain - we wanted it a little special, with 50 open gardens, including 14 new ones, events of excellence, some further surprises".
It is an unmissable opportunity to visit the hidden, if not secret, gardens of the historic center of Bologna and the parks of the pedecollina and the nearby plains. For the Bolognese, tourists, all lovers of nature, plants, gardens is also an opportunity to discover the city from a different perspective, to venture outside the normal paths, enjoy amazing angles and views, admire large specimens of trees, many different species of plants, beautiful blooms in the moment of maximum splendor, appreciate the historical or more modern design of many green spaces.


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