Exotic fruits made in Italy in Sicily


Have you ever tasted bananas from Palermo, or mango from Acireale? It is increasingly common, even in Italy, as in other Mediterranean regions, the cultivation of exotic fruit: guilt, or in this case about, of climate change. The peasant wisdom would say of necessity, virtue", and then here on the benches of fruit will begin to find avocado, mango and bananas made in Italy, and also the north is organized and in the Po Valley are planted tomatoes, olive groves in Valtellina, vineyards in the province of Aosta. While, according to data collected by Coldiretti, it would appear that higher average temperatures have consequences in the Italian typical products: the aging of the cheese, for example, or the alcohol content of wine.Intnto however the fruits Sicilians have already been able to count on a certain visibility thanks to the "No farmers no party" that has found a place at Expo, with the aim of relaunching the food industry of our country thanks to these new experiments.Source: Tuttogreen.it, Erika Facciolla"

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