Expanded clay for potted plants and flower boxes, the news


It expands and differentiates the proposal studied by Laterite for the care of the green, with the introduction, in the range expanded clay Leca, of Agrileca and Fior di Leca.The expanded clay decorative Fior di Leca is a product that combines the recognized characteristics of the clay expanded Agrileca (the line for the care and management of the green Laterlite) a more refined aesthetic appearance, making it suitable for applications such as decoration and mulching , hydroponics, construction of drainage layers of plants in pots, tubs and window boxes and as fertilizer for organizi substrates.With these two solutions - explained the company - Laterlite offers a practical and effective response to all the needs related to landscape maintenance, from urban landscape to create hanging gardens through the cultivation of plants in pots and planters." In the gallery of images, the different uses expanded clay Fior di Leca"


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