The care of green spaces in Expo Milano 2015


It is under the eyes of the whole world, and crossed daily by thousands of visitors: it's the green of Expo Milano 2015. And to keep it nice and tidy, think about the tools of the Swedish company Fiskars, chosen especially for the care of spaces of the Decumano, the central avenue of the Exhibition.For lawns of Expo, it has been selected the mower Fiskars StaySharp Max thanks to the excellent performance and patented technology, has revolutionized the mower manuals, solving the difficulties of using conventional lawnmowers and related offering an optimal cutting.Compared with normal helical mower, the Fiskars StaySharp Max features an innovative design, a doubled cutting power with a lower risk of jamming, and a major push for the benefit of the back of who handles it.Among the tools provided by Fiskars also bags for leaves and scope of Solid line, valued by gardeners for the ease of transport, the first, and for the opportunity to work on large surfaces of the wide scope to the head.

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