News 2016, extension tube made in Italy


The new 2016 Euroequipe called magic pipe soft", explains Giuseppe De Nora, commercial director, is a product "that combines lightness and strength.""The recent market developments irrigation - says De Nora - have pushed our company towards the creation of this new patent, 100% Italian. It is available in a single bright green color, in various sizes (from 5 to 50 m) and is sold in kits consisting of hose reel spool and two universal fittings easy to assemble. "Among the strengths of the product are, in addition to construction completely made in Italy, including the possibility of extension up to 2.5 times its length at the push of the water (returns automatically after use), the lightness, the 'be anti-fold for a constant flow of water without bottlenecks and anti-twist (it is easy to roll up and handling), and also non-toxic, because manufactured with top quality materials. "But the real novelty on the market - continues Giuseppe De Nora - is that this is the only adjustable tube, which can be cut and connected easily, directly from consumers according to their needs."What improvements and innovations have been introduced to better meet the needs and requirements of the user?Customers around the world need to garden hoses lightweight, practical, space saving, but at the same time quality and resistant. The Magic Soft tube fully meets these needs: under his skin that makes it look like an ordinary garden hose is hidden an innovative structure that can extend to 2.5 times using only water pressure."


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