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It plando the firm was founded in 1961 by the passion of Fiorenzo Plando for mechanics and technology. In the '70s, after having sold tillers and machinery in general for agriculture, decide to start their own production. The result is a range of tillers in F.P. brand, aimed at different needs, with a great sales success in Europe.

In the 90s he joined the company of the children Gabriella and Danilo and changing market conditions make the strategic choice to return to market the brands with the highest professionalism, undisputed leaders in the industry, such as Honda, Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo , Pellenc, Campagnola, Grin.

The Plando company has three stores in the Riviera di Ponente, covering the most important agricultural area, floriculture and forestry in the region. The shops of Savona, Albenga and Imperia are based on the same values that have always distinguished the work of the company: the attention and customer care, the original spare parts service with over 5000 items in stock, an accurate service assistance, which He keeps alive the passion for mechanics inherited from Fiorenzo Plando.

The Plando group consists of young, dynamic and versatile, prepared to adapt to large and continuous technological change. It adopted more than 20 years a stronger environmental policy, proposing professional equipment with a low environmental impact, always comply with the most stringent safety standards for operator protection and nature.

Preserving and handing down the traditions of their predecessors, Gabriella and Danilo from 2015 have expanded their interests to the world of cycling, giving back life to the sector in which a century ago his grandfather, Constantine Plando, made its entry into the commercial landscape of Liguria .

Plando, for a century with you, in the field and at play

Since 1961

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