Fabrizio Ovideo Ferramenta spa



Fabrizio Ovideo Ferramenta spa

The Hardware Cobianchi s.p.a. began its activity in 1919. The company distributes wholesale, only to shopkeepers in the sector, in all of Tuscany and Umbria. In the area we serve the specialized hardware stores. Born at the beginning of the last century as a resale of the country, the business has developed over the years to become today a reference for the hardware specializing in the northeast. A network of agents covering monomandatri widely Friuli V.G. and much of the Veneto. quick punctual deliveries, carried out by our means, or making use of selected correspondents, means that customers can rely on a computerized inventory up to date and well stocked.
Since 1900

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Fabrizio Ovideo Ferramenta spa
Via Orderzio 31, Mansuè (TV)

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